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Computer history TNO-FEL:
CDC CYBER 180-835

CDC CYBER 180-835 (photo: Control Data CDC 835 leaflet)
Control Data CYBER 180-835
(photo from CDC's CYBER 180-835 leaflet)

Plate from a CYBER 170 series 800 system Sixty bit word size, 524,288 words of semi-conductor storage with error correction code. Ten (fifteen or twenty) peripheral processors, each with 4096 12-bit (plus one parity bit) words of storage. Processor includes 2048 words of cache memory, floating point hardware, eight addressing, eight operand and eight increment registers. Central processor interrupt through exchange jump. Twelve (or 24) 12-bit (plus one parity bit) data channels. Includes system console and required cooling equipment; chilled water required. Included a 18001-1 data channel converter (conversion 170 channel to 3000 channel).

Initially called CYBER 170-835, the same system was marketed as CYBER 180-835 after the announcement of the NOS/VE virtual memory operating system. The 835 systems were often used in dual-state, meaning that both a 170-instruction and a 180-instruction state were in use simultaneously. In operating system terms: the 170-state was used by NOS or NOS/BE and the 180-state by the NOS/VE operating system. This allowed a (nearly) seamless transition from the (old) static memory operating system to the virtual memory operating system.

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