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The period 1983 - 1986:
Computer Operations

The merger of the LEOK and the Physisch Laboratorium (PhL) took place on December 1, 1984. The new organisation of the TNO Physics and Electronics Laboratory (TNO-FEL) impacted the organisation of the computer operations as well. The Computer Group of the Physisch Laboratorium was split and merged with the computer support team of the LEOK. The new group Computers and Instruments (C&I) within the Laboratory maintenance department became responsible for the day to day operations of the systems and the network.
Within the Division 2 - System Development and Information Technology, the system programmers of the LEOK and PhL were placed in the new section "System maintenance and Support" being part of the research group 2.4 "Computer architecture and Data processing". After a year, the system programming activities and a Software Service Desk (SSD) were recognised as a seperate group "System Management and Support (SMS)".

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