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The period 1986 - 1990
Expanding administrative processing (FELBIS)

In 1986, the Laboratory started with the implementation of the ORACLE based FELBIS system on a VAX 11/750. In parallel, the administration applications that still ran on the CYBER had to be maintained as well by the new group 'Bedrijfsautomatisering'. These applications were the time sheets, material distribution, the MSA system interface (for TNO Defence Research as a whole), library, a measurement equipment database and MILCA. These activities required 1-1.5 persons.

The first FELBIS module became the Purchasing department system. The library and the credit administration followed in Spring 1987. Later on, the financial administration, time sheets, material distribution, and project administrative support were automated.

In June 1986, the VAX 11/750 had to be replaced by a VAX 8350 (full description elsewhere) for performance reasons. The VAX 8350 was expanded in several steps. At the end of 1989, it comprised the following configuration:

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