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The period 1986 - 1990:
the Control Data CYBER 930-11

CYBER 930 CPU, disk/tape and disk cabinets On July 24, 1989, a CDC CYBER 930-11 was installed. It had the following purposes:

The CDC CYBER 930-11 had two disks of 414 MB each and a (slow) 25/75 ips streaming tape unit. The CYBER 930 had compilers for Fortran, Pascal, Ada; had Oracle and a mathematical library (IMSL). To support the higher load of users when the CDC CYBER 840A was deinstalled, several straps in the CPU of the CYBER 930-11 were changed and new microcode was loaded. The CPU became twice as fast. This period of the enhanced CPU (technically it was a CDC 930-31) lasted half a year (5/90-12/90). Additionally, another tape/disk cabinet was added with two disks of 414 MB each. This to support the remaining projects that ran on the CYBER 840A in order to convert them or to wait until the project ended. This included projects of the Wetenschappelijke Raad voor het Regeringsbeleid (Netherlands science board for the government) (WRR), a paying customer, and a number of projects with complex and large models that could not be converted without much effort.

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