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The period 1989 - 1994:
Computer families at TNO-FEL

Early 1990, the final report by the working group "Vervanging CYBER 840A" of the FEL IT-Policy committee (ITBC) was completed and delivered to the FEL management. Based on the developments in large scale computing and the other computing requirements at TNO-FEL and TNO-PML the following recommendations were given:

Based on these recommendations, it was decided to:

A technical working group looked after several options for a central UNIX server facility. This central facility had to provided backup and other network servicesfor the Convex system as a backend server and for the decentral Unix workstations. The working group considered systems by HP, SUN, Silicon Graphics, DEC and CDC. In the end, it was decided to acquire a Control Data 4380 (MIPS 3840 system) with a jukebox backup system.

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