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The period 1989 - 1994:
ECAE- and MCAD-systems

In 1990, our Electronic Computer Aided Engineering (ECAE)-supplier DAZIX, that earlier acquired CADNETIX, got into financial problems. DAZIX was acquired at the end of 1990 by Intergraph and went further under the name Dazix Intergraph. This until Dazix Intergraph integrated in Intergraph Computer Systems in May 1994. These problems caused a temporary halt on all planned upgrades of the systems.

In October 1991, the Laboratory started with the replacement of the old proprietary CADNETIX system hardware by SUN workstations. The Laboratory acquired: four SUN Sparcstations LPC's and four IPC's, 1.7 GBytes disk space, a 150 MB tape unit and a CDROM pack. Much effort was spent in developing interface code to drive a Gerber board drilling machine and a photo plotter to the ECAE-configuration.

In 1989, the FEL construction and manufacturing group in the former division 5 acquired a Hewlett-Packard MCAD-configuration, comprising a server, two workstations and an A1-size plotter. On this HP/UX Unix operating system, the ME10/ME30 mechanical computer assisted design package was run. In February 1991, this configuration was expanded with a fourth MCAD-station, a HP 9000-400T.

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