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The period 1989 - 1994:
CDC 4380 UNIX Server

CDC 4380 block diagram
In July 1990, the CDC 4380 Unix Server was installed. Soon, the disk capacity was expanded to over ten Gbyte. The Unix Server was used as pre- and postprocessing system for the CONVEX, processed all programs that were written in Pascal and was used for integer/logic-based computational work. At the same time, the Unix Server provided automatic backup service for all Unix workstations. The Automatic Workstation Backup Service (AWBUS) package, developed by Control Data for Chrysler, was used to provide these services. initiually, we encountered many problems with this facility. First of all, the TNO-FEL definition of a workstation (servers with 1-2 Gbyte disk capacity and up to 10.000-files) was quite different from the original design environment at Chrysler (a couple of hundred Mbyte and a couple of hunderds of files). That caused hardware problems in the automatic Exabyte carroussel robot. After a couple of months of discussions, Control Data replaced the system and upgraded the software. As backup device, a 90 Gbyte optical rewritable HP compact disk robot was installed.

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