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Computer history TNO-FEL: the ETA10-P

ETA10-P in a fancy black outfit
ETA10-P in a fancy black outfit
(for a Hollywood performance)

The ETA Systems logo

ETA 10 functional diagram

ETA 10 Functional diagram

All models in the family of ETA10 supercomputers were based on the same architecture as shown in the diagram above.

ETA 10 models

  P     Q   E
(photo at FSU)
Cycle time (ns) 24 19 10.5 7
#processors 1 or 2 1 or 2 1-4 2-8
CPU memory
32 32 32 32
Shared memory (MB) 64-512 64-512 256-1024 512-2048
Peak performance
750 947 3,429 10,289
Cooling air air liquid nitrogen
liquid nitrogen
Max.# I/O units 4 4 9 16

At the moment the decision to stop ETA was announced (April 17, 1989), seven LN2 and 27 air-cooled systems were installed at sites. In the Netherlands three single and double processor air cooled ETA10 systems were installed at RUG, ENR and TNO-FEL.


ETA10-P air cooled mini-supercomputer
ETA10-P ("Piper #23") at TNO-FEL

ETA10 I/O unit
I/O unit and disk cabinet (right)

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