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Microcomputers: inventory and application

The Microcomputer, an autonomous system

To provide measuring systems more flexibility, measuring instruments were electronically controlled. By means of relays', optical and acoustical detectors, calculated results of measurements from electronic counters were displayed and registered. Other digital measured results were registered on paper by papertape writers. Comparing them with the standard on paper written information, produced the final result.

When the first type microprocessors were available (about the year 1976) p.e. the SC//MP, the possibilities for applications in measuring registration were investigated.

SC//MP = ISP.8A/600D produced by National Semiconductors (now National Semiconductor)

The OEM product information of the SC//MP consists off :

With the aid of an article from Dan Grove, a microcomputer instructor from Santa Clara a microcomputer was developed to gain the possibilities for such a control system.

The Microcomputer

The details of the system built are subdivided into:

A modification for the data input

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