History: Start of the Meetgebouw



of the transfer and acceptance of some rooms in the Meetgebouw [Meassurement Building] at WAALSDORP for the benefit of the Commission for Physical Armament.


Today, the sixteenth of March 1900, twenty-eight, pursuant to the authorisation of the Minister of War on January 24, 1928, Ve Dept., No. 9 and 5 March 1928, Geheim Litt.G. 22 by the undersigned,

W.N. B E C K I N G,

Major, Chief Engineer,  ‘s-GRAVENHAGE, “in use” transferred and accepted by co-undersigning by

Professor Jhr. Ir. G.J. E L I A S

Chair of the Commission for Physical Armament:

  1. The stone measuring building standing in the Vlakte van WAALSDORP. The building is connected to the municipal electricity grid and to the drinking water installation of Camp WAALSDORP. There are two keys for each lock except for the shutters.
  2. The following loose objects:
    • a blackboard with an easel.
    • a waste paper basket.
    • ea Salamander stove No. 12 

      Example of a a Salamander stove (courtesy 't Stokertje)
      Example of a a Salamander stove (courtesy ‘t Stokertje)
    • een                ditto        No. 13
    • een                ditto          No. 15
    • a modern filling stove.
    • three black stove plates,
    • an enamelled stove plate.
    • a bureau ministre.
    • an office chair.
    • two oak chairs.
    • four coal pits.
    • four spades.
    • four fire pokers.
    • ten N. stove pipe.
    • four elbows.
    • an umbrella stand.
    • a tablecloth.
    • four rotating adjusting tables.
    • two laboratory stools.
    • two workshop stools.
    • a wall clock.
    • five Helium HG ornaments.
    • two sliding pendulums.
    • eleven fixed pendulums.
    • a Horax desk lamp.
    • an Inventum geyser 8 L.
    • a safety running lamp.
    • a stair leather.
    • an oak table.
    • two laboratory tables.
    • two pine tables.
    • a coat rack.
    • a hanging mirror.
    • an instrument cabinet.
    • a toolbox.
    • a coal box.

Everything is in good condition and complete. And of this transfer and acceptance, these official minutes were drawn up and signed in quadruplicate, on the day, month and year as stated above.


Source:  Archive Van Soest, Museum Waalsdorp