History: The TNO logo


The development of the T.N.O. logo


TNO logo's tot 2010
TNO logo development until 2010

The first T.N.O. logo was visible in the first issue of  T.N.O.-Nieuws, the internal newsletter for the fellow workers (1946):

T.N.O.-News number 1 (1946)
T.N.O.-Nieuws number 1 (1946)

In1954, the TNO Board organised a competition among the staff for the design of a new logo. Ultimately, Mr. Plomp’s design was chosen because of its good readability and applicability to both equipment (e.g. metal and plastics) and printed documents (e.g. leaflets).  The competition was large. The Board decided to create a runner-up prize for a TNO-CIVO employee. There was also an honourable mention for an employee who had designed a 3D (!) logo.

A new logo variant followed in 2022:

TNO logo 2022
TNO logo 2022

Note: TNO logos are protected worldwide.